Providing permanent or a reductive management solution for hirsute and cosmetically unacceptable and unwanted superfluous facial and body hair.

Electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted hair for all skin types and colours and all hair types and colours.  

A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, releasing a low energy current to the root base; preventing hair regeneration.  After repeated treatments, the hair becomes weaker and finer and complete hair free results can be obtained. A sterile disposable probe is used for each treatment.

This treatment for hair removal is approved by the medical profession and has been available for over 140 years.

Advancing technology means electrolysis is now more comfortable, more effective and is an affordable treatment increasing in popularity.

To date, electrolysis remains the only hair removal method legally allowed to state it offers permanent hair removal.

For your individual needs a thorough consultation is required to assess suitability for treatment and to clarify expectations.  This is a requirement for all new clients.  An important part of any treatment is the consultation.  This helps to establish that there are no contra-indications present which would prevent the treatment from being carried out, as well as highlighting client expectations, hair removal requirements, time constrains, lifestyle and medical conditions.  At this appointment electrolysis will be explained in detail, a patch test will be carried out and the importance of aftercare will be discussed.


Consultation: £50.00 Please allow up to one hour

  • Up to 15 Minutes Treatment: £25.00 (minimum charge)
  • Up to 30 Minutes Treatment: £35.00
  • Up to 45 Minutes Treatment: £50.00

All procedures are carried out with the strictest standards of hygiene and care and performed with sterilised disposable materials.